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Various Artists Brewing

A small batch craft brewery with delicious personality. 



Various Artists





Brand + Identity

Website Design

Located just outside of downtown Nashville, TN - Various Artists Brewing Co. is a small batch brewery and food purveyor dedicated to providing a quality of experience not found elsewhere. They partnered with Hyper to create a unique, memorable personality for their brand. We would have happily accepted payment by form of a pint of their Nash Cruiser Ale. 

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Our Concept 

Pat and Jeff have created the type of atmosphere that welcomes any and all to enjoy a tasty brew and incredible food. They say: "our goal is to create an experience that is unique, welcoming, and one which grants us the privilege of getting to know our beer brothers and sisters more and more each visit. This thing was built from nothing with our own hands and we take great pride in that. We want our guests to sense that pride as well as carry a personal investment in our future growth. We have too much love and sweat invested in every aspect of the space, food and beer to get lazy and suck. We are Various Artists Brewing at your service."

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Website Design

In addition to a visual identity, we created an optimized website for customer traffic. The layout is a simple one page navigation with information quick and immediately viewable; the focus is getting to the taproom anyways. 

See the full website here.



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