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COVID-19 and the Creative Industry

Designers have been busy at work meeting the new challenges of our pandemic reality.

Photo from the United Nations COVID Response

Like most industries, the creative sector has been hit hard by the spread of COVID-19. Designers are facing lay-offs, a drastic decrease in freelance work and a struggle to adapt to new potential pathways for their careers. While some corporations and brands are taking a proactive direction and maintaining demand for design, others are facing decisions that leave design falling through the pegs of priority. Despite an uncertain future, designers are contributing to the response by doing what they do best.

Designing through the Pandemic

The pandemic has shone new light on the importance of spreading accurate information quickly and in a manner that prioritizes clarity. During the early stages of COVID-19, the CDC and other health oriented organizations began to release simple designs and infographics, created as quick-glance guides for compliance and best practice.

Taking the daily news in stride, we've also seen some hilarious and relatable designs that reflect some of the more ridiculous moments during the pandemic; including toilet paper shortages, the bizarre outcry about wearing masks and the effects of long term isolation.

Pin Design by Eddie Lobanovskiy

Design by Pavel Trávníček

Design + Motion by Pierre Kleinhouse

Advertising during a Pandemic

The core win for a designer is to communicate effectively and beautifully with an audience. Big brands understand the unwavering importance of maintaining communication and connection with customers even, if not more, in times of uncertainty.

By tactfully calling attention to the current state of the world and delivering a hopeful (or humorous) message, brands are riding out the storm with creative adaptation.

Art by Curtis Illustration

Gold's Gym "Power up at Home" Campaign

We've been here before

The importance of clear and compelling messaging was known during the 1918 H1N1 pandemic. Governments and health agencies produced numerous flyers and signs that depicted best practices and often, negative outcomes of ignoring advice. You can't deny their effectiveness; It's hard to forget the image of a spit demon punishing your behavior.

Closing Thoughts

At Hyper, we're doing our best to adapt to our new pandemic reality and are thankful to draw creative inspiration from designers doing the same across the world. Clear messaging and beautiful design is exceptionally important during this time and we're looking forward to branding some of the unique startups that are formed or rebranded over the course of the year. Stay safe and Healthy! - The Hyper Branding Team

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