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5 Key Benefits of a Graphic Design Retainer

It's cost-savings alone is pretty surprising.

Is it time for a graphic design retainer?

If you're managing a busy small team, the oversight on consistent and attention-grabbing visuals can start to fall through the cracks. A graphic design retainer is a great way to utilize all of the benefits of an in-house designer at a greatly reduced monthly cost.


1. You save a noticeable amount of money each month.

Outsourcing design work can be significantly cheaper than hiring an in-house designer. Consider some of the employee costs: Full-time salary, Benefits, computer hardware, and software costs, Holiday and sick pay.

Retainers are also offered at a reduced rate. While Hyper generally charges $280 per hour for design work, our retainer rate is as low as $140 depending on the chosen package.

2. No delays

As a retainer client, your reserved time is allotted for by our design team each month. This means your work is always moved to the front of the line, leading to quick turn around times on all of your requested designs.

3. Brand Consistency

We're primarily a full service branding company so brand identity and consistent messaging is at the forefront of every design decision we make. Speaking to your clients and customers with a single tone of voice is imperative for recognition and brand harmony.

4. Efficiency

If you're used to sending out your design requests to different design groups or freelancer platforms then you've likely noticed the spectrum of systems and processes required to complete a design project. With a retainer in place, the design request process is quick and easy.

5. Peace of Mind

Great design work is one of the most important factors in brand recognition and audience trust. Providing consistent and attention-grabbing design work is an excellent investment in the health of your company. Knowing your design work is being handled with priority by a skilled team can give you peace of mind.

Interested in learning more about Graphic Design Retainers? Follow this link to check out our tiered packages!

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