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5 Graphic Design Trends you'll see in 2021

This incredible work is by Cabeza Patata Studio

Whew! 2020 has been.....a ride.

The "end of times" vibes brought accelerated change to the design industry which is, by nature, a shapeshifting creature. Each year at this time, designers around the world predict upcoming trends and styles and this year, the Hyper team has some thoughts of our own.

So, let's get to it. Here are our top 5 graphic design trends you'll likely see in 2021:

1. 90's inspired designs

An interesting pattern of 90's inspired subculture has been cropping up among teens and 20-somethings recently. Fractal illustrations, baggy clothing and even full throwback product lines have gained popularity, paying homage to simpler times when the internet was slow and the weekend was king.

2. Bold, Serif Fonts

The serif family has been filed away under "classic, stuffy and prestigious" for too long. 2021 will re-introduce us to implementations of approachable and even "fun" serif fonts. Bold Serif fonts had a mid-life crisis, bought a new sports car and we all benefit from the fresh and relatable pivot.

3. 3D Everything!

We've seen a serious influx of 3D shapes, characters and motion graphics in graphic and experience design. Large corporations have ditched their basic graphics and realist mascots for fun 3-dimensional characters and environments. The development of VR and new remote workspace services have only added fuel to the creation of more dimensional experiences. We're interested to see how the usage will evolve over the course of 2021!

4. Bold color palettes

There's been a lot of "rule breaking" in color application that we've seen as we close out the year. Bold color combinations and illustrations will work hand in hand with dramatic messaging to hold onto our ever-shrinking attention spans.

5. Abstract Patterns mixed with minimalism

Brand giants the likes of Apple and Ikea have found a beautiful balance with complex patterns and simple, minimalistic layouts. We predict that messaging in 2021 will be blanketed in gorgeous folk-inspired patterns and conveyed with a dramatic minimalist touch.

What do you think? Have we missed any design trends you expect to see in 2021?

Based on the developments of 2020 and the ever-expanding realm of digital design application, we're excited about the possibilities in 2021!


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