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Belcher Sykes Harrington

A small, personable law firm with extensive expertise



  Law Firm


Brand + Identity

Graphic Design

Print Design

Belcher Sykes Harrington aims to be an exceptional

law firm for individuals and small businesses. At the formation of their new firm, they sought out the work of Hyper to help create a clean and minimalistic brand identity.  The final result is a streamlined visual style that speaks to the highest quality of service without compromising the personal touch and relatability that only a small firm can offer.

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Our Concept 

We knew the core mark would be the most important element of the brand story and committed to timeless simplicity of a crest including the initials of each partner.


With this direction, the core logo elements can be used in any application without loss of recognition or clarity without sacrificing a clean, polished look. 

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Collateral Design

In addition to a complete brand story, core client, visual guide and identity book, Hyper was tasked with designing collateral items including: business cards, and corporate letterheads for each partner. 

Learn more about Belcher Sykes Harrington here.

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