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affinità invokes curiosity and actualizes sustainable change in Leaders, teams, and organizations by implementing strategies and practices that actively dismantle bias and awaken conscious decision making to create safe, equitable systems of belonging. Hyper was tasked with creating a brand identity that would encompass the vision and application of the affinità model with supporting illustrations and graphics. 

Our Concept 

We took our mark inspiration from the meaning of the brand name: 'Affinità derives from the Italian for affinity; the energy by which everything is held together. We believe the health of an organization is reflected in its people, culture, systems and outcomes. It is in the connections between these things that the untapped energy of affinity is present.' Our direction was focused on the representation of positive energy or a "glow" around the mark concept. 

Collateral Design

In addition to the brand, Hyper was tasked with creating new graphics for Affinità's trademarked learning systems. Awaken is a framework of foundational practices designed to identify and disrupt the biases that exist in ourselves and our organizational systems. It awakens the critical consciousness needed to make better decisions and transform workplaces and outcomes through learning, doing and becoming. 

Affinita Logo Paper.jpg

" We really love what you’ve done with the website and our work. "

Christina Rosato Fly / Co-Founder / Affinità


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